The New Study Suite (Project THOTH)

This page is to learn more about Project THOTH, such as additional details about the upcoming major update to Study Suite as well as some screenshots of the progress.  To read about Project THOTH and see the timeline, please check out this page:  Project THOTH

The latest version of Study Suite is coming along nicely, but there’s still a lot of wok to get done.  Thankfully, many of the main screens in Study Suite have been updated with bold new looks, and they’re functioning properly based on the hundreds of testing hours!


First, some important details on the upcoming new Study Suite.  While the software will look and act quite differently, there will also be some important changes.  Note, none of these changes have been implemented yet.  These will go into effect with the launch of the new program.

  • The Student Edition of Study Suite will be available as 3 separate packages (package names subject to change; prices TBD):
    • Basic:  Study Suite as it is now with full access to Practice Exams, Videos, Matching, Abbreviations, and Blind Exams with the opportunity to purchase other study modules
    • Plus:  Everything in Basic, plus the new Library study module and with the opportunity to purchase Flash Cards and Hanging with Nutrition separately
    • Ultimate:  Everything is included!
  • The Academic Edition of Study Suite will include all study modules!  Schools using the Academic Edition will be automatically bumped up to receive all study modules for students to utilize after they update to the new version.
  • If you read the Project THOTH page (and also in the point above), you might have noticed there is a brand new study module to be included in the software:  Library.  The Library is a list of searchable topics and articles that are expected to be known for the RD and DTR Exams.  This new study module will be a separate add-on purchase, similar to how we’ve handled the Flash Cards and Hanging with Nutrition study modules.  However, you just might be able to get this new module for free!  See the next bullet point.
  • Anyone who has previously purchased or will purchase the Flash Cards Add-On prior to the launch of the new Study Suite program will receive the new Library study module for free!  Just before we release the new Study Suite to the world, we will do some fun stuff in the background that when you update to the new version, it will automatically be added to your program!  If you do want to receive the new Library for free and plan on utilizing the offer of purchasing Flash Cards, please do so soon so you don’t miss out.  You will also need to activate Flash Cards prior to the launch to receive this free offer.
    • To try and entice you even more, the Flash Cards Add-On study module is on sale for an automatic 10% off!  This sale will be going on until the launch of the new Study Suite sometime in October (that’s what I’m aiming for at least).  Shop now!
    • If you’re unsure if you’ve purchased Flash Cards, just reach out, and we can verify for you.
    • Also, there are some who have purchased Flash Cards but have not activated them yet.  Please do so before October to make sure you don’t miss out on the free Library study module.  Don’t know your Flash Cards Add-On code?  Just contact us.  We keep a list of the codes that are yet to be used.
    • Again, if you previously purchased or will purchase Flash Cards in the near future, you must also activate it in your program before the new Study Suite program is available in order to receive the Library for free.



Subject to change, but this is what we’ve got Study Suite looking like so far!


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