Visual Veggies Software DEMO on Flash Drive

Visual Veggies DEMO software distributed on a flash drive

Flash drive contains demo software installers for both Mac and Windows and is shipped within one business day.

** Compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later

Price:  $8.99 + S/H

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Preloaded with installers for Mac and Windows of the DEMO software of the following study modules and features

  • Library DEMO:  12 sample articles
  • Practice Exams DEMO:  25 sample questions
  • Matching DEMO:  4 sample matching categories
  • Abbreviations DEMO:  10 sample abbreviations
  • Whiteboard Videos DEMO:  3 sample videos
  • Blind Exams DEMO:  21 sample questions
  • Flash Cards DEMO:  25 sample flash cards
  • Hanging with Nutrition DEMO:  15 sample mystery words
  • Study Partner DEMO
  • Study Sessions DEMO

In the full version of Study Suite, you have the choice of package levels to purchase, each containing different study modules and features:

  • Basic:  Practice Exams, Videos, Matching, Abbreviations, and Blind Exams
  • Plus:  Everything in Basic, plus Library and Study Partner
  • Ultimate:  Everything in Plus, plus Hanging with Nutrition, Flash Cards, and Study Sessions

Study modules and features not included in the Basic and Plus packages may be added on separately.

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