Study Suite Add-On Products

IMPORTANT:  This page is intended only for customers who already have the Study Suite program installed and are running the RD Exam Study Suite version 7.15.0 or later or the DTR Exam Study Suite 5.15.0 or later (purchased after January 2018).  Study Suite programs prior to these versions must be updated to x.15.0 or later before the study modules on this page may be added.  If you see Flash Cards and Hanging with Nutrition in the Study section of your program, then you have an appropriate version.

Add study modules to your Study Suite software!

Get more out of studying for your registration exam by adding these study modules to your Study Suite program!

Hanging with Nutrition Add-On

Student Edition Add-On

$50.00  Auto 10% off until 10/31/21!
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A hangman-style game familiarizing nutrition students with the vocabulary of the profession.  Instead of just “blind guessing” the word, the student is presented with a clue to help solve the secret word.

  • Database of over 600 mystery words
  • Mystery words are grouped in all major testing domains
  • A detailed description for each word
  • A fun My Plate icon as the hangman character
  • Bookmark words for review later
  • Review all words answered incorrectly
  • Manage your bookmarked and missed words
  • Add your own notes to a specific topic
  • Images accompany several mystery words

Flash Cards Add-On

Student Edition Add-On

$100.00  Auto 10% off until 10/31/21!  Plus, get the new Library study module free (coming October 2021)!  More details here
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Flash Cards is a set of flash cards in electronic format. With the Flash Cards module, you have all the flexibility of hand-held cards but without the mess, such as bookmarking cards for later review, highlighting various parts of the cards to call to your attention, and add notes to the cards.  Over 700 flash cards included!

  • Just like hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version, you can also:
    • Bookmark cards for later review
    • Highlight parts of the answer to really call to your attention
    • Add notes to cards to help you remember more information
    • Shuffle the deck to be asked questions in a new, random order
    • Choose a deck from a specific domain, or combine all the decks together to be asked all of the cards
    And unlike hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version you can also:
    • Email us a question on a specific card to learn more about the topic
    • Change the text size for ease of reading
    • Help save the environment by studying electronically and reducing paper usage
  • After you purchase an Add-On product, you will receive an email with your Add-On Code
  • In the Study Suite program, click on the study module you just purchased.  You will see a window appear like the one to the right
  • Enter your Add-On Code exactly as it appears in the box provided, and then click Verify
  • Once the code is successfully verified, you may close out the Demo or Buy window and click on the panel from the Study screen again to access the full version

Nope!  If all goes well, your program should find that you’ve already purchased the standalone product(s) and automatically grant you full access to the study module(s)!

If you are certain you bought one or both of the standalone products, and your study modules are still taking you to the demo, please contact us at 570-814-6665.

Student Editions

Student Editions are designed for an individual student who purchases the program on their own, are studying at home, and are made for only one user.

Academic Editions

Academic Editions are designed for colleges, universities, or other academic institutions where the plan is to install the software in a computer lab for multiple users to access the software.

Which edition is right for me?

If you are a student purchasing the program for yourself, or are an educational institution purchasing the software for your students to install on their individual computers at home, go for the Student Edition.

If you are an instructor or purchasing manager of a college, university, or other academic institution and plan to install the software on a shared computer in a lab, opt for the Academic Edition.

Why is there such a huge difference in cost for the Academic Edition?

The Academic Edition is more expensive because this edition allows for more than one student to use the software per license.  The Student Edition may have only one user per license.


Unregistered software may be returned within 60 days of purchase for a refund.

  • (Flash Drive or Disk) Unopened, unregistered: Full refund minus shipping & handling
  • (Flash Drive or Disk) Opened, unregistered: Refund minus 20% restocking fee and minus shipping & handling
  • (Flash Drive or Disk) Opened, registered: Software will be returned to the customer with no refund granted
  • (Flash Drive, Disk, or Download) Registered software: Not eligible for a refund once the software has been registered
  • Add-Ons:  If the Add-On Code was used to activate the Add-On study module, the purchase is not eligible for a refund
  • Backup Flash Drives and Subscription Codes are not eligible for a refund.  Backup Flash Drives may be exchanged for another Backup Flash Drive if the request is made within 60 days (i.e.  You purchased the backup for the RD Exam Study Suite but meant to order the backup for the DTR Exam Study Suite)



Sometimes mistakes do happen.

  • If you purchased the wrong software title, you may return the unopened, unregistered software for an exchange. No additional charges apply.
  • If we send out the wrong software title, you may return the unopened, unregistered software for exchange. In this event, we will issue you a 5% refund for our mistake.
  • If your Visual Veggies Software package arrives damaged, please send this back for a replacement.
  • If the software has been registered, no refund or exchange will be granted.