Introducing RD Now Flash Cards!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new study guide to the Visual Veggies Software family!  RD Now was developed by Elizabeth Zinsmeister, RD, LDN and has been made into electronic format by Visual Veggies Software.

This venture of combining RD Now and Visual Veggies Software began several months ago, but it was so worth the wait.  Together, we’ve brought to you a new fun and interactive method for preparing for your RD Exam!

The RD Now Flash Card database contains over 700 questions, covering each domain of the RD Exam.  Each question is accompanied by a detailed answer to really help students prepare for their registration exams.  The math questions in the database provide detailed step-by-step solutions to help you arrive at the correct answer.

Just like hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version, you can also:

  • Bookmark cards for later review
  • Remove cards from the deck, which can be added back to the deck later
  • Highlight parts of the answer to really call to your attention
  • Add notes to cards to help you remember more information
  • Shuffle the deck to be asked questions in a new, random order
  • Choose a deck from a specific domain, or combine all the decks together to be asked all of the cards

And unlike hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version you can also:

  • Email us a question on a specific card to learn more about the topic
  • Receive free updates when available
  • Change the text size for ease of reading
  • Help save the environment by studying electronically and reducing paper usage

Want to Take it for a Test Drive?

Download the updated DEMO software for free!  In addition to the RD Now Flash Card demo (25 sample cards), you’ll also get to try out the RD/DTR Practice Exam demo (25 sample questions), and the RD/DTR Hanging with Nutrition demo (25 sample words)!

Click here to download the free Visual Veggies Software DEMO software

Ready to Buy?

The RD Now Flash Card application is now available for Mac and Windows for both Student Edition and Academic Edition as well as a mobile version for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)!

Click here to visit the RD Now Flash Card product page

Click here to view the mobile RD Now Flash Card app in iTunes