Discontinued Support for Previous Versions of Practice Exams

With the introduction of the latest versions of the Practice Exams (RD Practice Exam version 6 and DTR Practice Exam version 4) in October 2013, we have continued to provide customer support for the previous versions (RD version 5 and DTR version 3 and below).

Effective immediately, support for these previous versions, or any version prior to RD version 6 or DTR version 4, is now discontinued.  We will no longer be reactivating registration codes or download links for these products.

Should a customer be currently running any of these previous versions and experience a computer crash or needs the software to be reinstalled/re-registered, we ask that they upgrade to the latest version of the software.

We do apologize for any inconvenience but also feel an upgrade in software will be beneficial to the customer.

Please direct any questions related to this matter to info@visualveggies.com.