Discontinuation of Software on CD-ROM

Let’s start with the bad new, though it’s not really that bad.  We have made the executive decision to no longer be issuing the software on CD-ROM after our stock is depleted.  It’s no surprise if you’ve purchased or shopped for a computer lately.  Many new computers are coming without a disk drive, and to find one that contains the disk drive is becoming scarce.

External drives have evolved over the years.  Who remembers the 3.5 floppy disk??  Do you recall the need to carry several with you when in the computer lab?  Not to mention starting a save on one disk, and then having to continue the task on another!  Ah the good old days.

CD-ROMs have served their purpose for society as well as us here.  We are sad to say goodbye, but we need to evolve to keep up with the demands of today’s computers.

Sale on the Remaining Stock of CD-ROMs!!

Sorry, the sale is over.  The CD-ROM stock has been depleted.