Practice Exam Upgrade Discount

Posted By: VisualVeggies on Oct 10, 2013 in News, Visual Veggies Software

Practice Exam Upgrade Discount!

Have you ever purchased something, only to find out that shortly after there is an update which you’re not eligible for?  I sure have, and it’s not cool.

If you haven’t heard already, we just launched a major update to the RD Practice Exam (now version 6) and the DTR Practice Exam (now version 4).  This major update includes over 20 new and improved features of the software that has helped nutrition students pass their national registration exams for the last 8 years!  To read more about the updates, click here!

Since this is a major version update, RD Practice Exam version 5 and lower, and DTR Practice Exam version 3 and lower are not eligible to receive this update for free.

Here’s our offer…

We’re offering an exclusive discount to past customers who bought the RD Practice Exam or the DTR Practice Exam in the past 6 months.  The discount is up to 99% off!  And no, that wasn’t a type-o!

Here’s how it works…

  1. 1.  You notify Visual Veggies Software that you are interested in this discount offer to upgrade your RD v5 or DTR v3 to this new update via email at 
  2. 2.  We will look into our sales records, find the date at which you placed your order, and respond to you as soon as possible with your estimated cost of the software and include a unique, one-time use promotional code to use on your purchase
  3. 3.  The promotional code will be valid for one use and will expire one week from the date you emailed us
  4. 4.  The estimated cost will be calculated by adding 1/2% from the date you email us to the date of your order
  5. 5.  It sounds complicated, but it’s really not.  Just email us, and we’ll figure out your discount!

Some examples:

  1. 1.  You placed your order on October 8, 2013.  You notify us on October 10, 2013 (2 days from the date of your purchase).  Your estimate cost is 1% of the current price of the software (99% off!).  You then have until October 17th to use your promotional code.
  2. 2.  You placed your order on September 1, 2013.  You notify us on October 30, 2013 (60 days from the date of your purchase).  Your estimate cost is 30% of the current price of the software (70% off!).  You then have until November 6th to use your promotional code.
  3. 3.  You placed your order on July 1, 2013.  You notify us on November 15, 2013 (138 days from the date of your purchase).  Your estimate cost is 69% of the current price of the software (31% off!).  You then have until November 22nd to use your promotional code.

Other important points:

  • This offer is valid 200 days from the current day (approximately 6 months).  At 200 days, the estimate cost would be 100% of the current price.
  • This offer will expire on April 28, 2014 (200 days from today, October 10, 2013).
  • As you can see, the longer you wait to inform us, the less of a promotional discount we can offer.
  • If you are given a promotional code and miss using it within the week it is valid, you will need to inform us again, and your discount will be lower.

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